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BusinessIdeasLab With New, Responsive Design has obtained a new cool and responsive look. The theme is nicely viewed in almost any resolution and we think this will improve the site’s overall performance.

The theme is created by Alxmedia and could be found on their site here: Thank you guys for the great work.

We modified the code a little bit and made some simplifications for easier navigation and better look. We hope the site looks great now, why don’t you tell us about that. We would like to hear from you. Thanks!

The BusinessIdeaslLab Has A New Design

We have put some efforts recently in finding an engaging new design for one of our sites. Since not long ago, the portal where you can find the stories of some of the greatest business ideas and entrepreneurs – BusinessIdeasLab , has a brand new vision. We believe that the new look will be more convenient for our readers and we are waiting for your thought of it. Feel free to drop a comment below or contact us to share your opinion. This way you can help us further improve the site. Thanks!

The new design of
The new design of