Category Archives: Some Of Our Projects – The Basics Of Nuclear Energy is an educational site about the basics of nuclear energy. This is not very well known topic and that’s why we decided to throw some light on it. Also we love nuclear physics and writing about this topic. On the site you can learn many interesting facts about nuclear power, its advantages and disadvantages, nuclear fusion and fission, nuclear bombs and many more.

The site has been popular on and some other social networking sites. However, there could be much more information about the topic on it, we will do our best to expand the site and make it really useful place.

Here are some posts from the site:
* – the advantages of nuclear energy.
* – the pros and the cons of nuclear power.
* – here you can see the top 10 most powerful nuclear bomb explosions (video).

Waiting for your feedback about it! – The Coolest Business Ideas is one of our latest projects. We have always admired successful entrepreneurs and companies and we love reading stories about them. Doing online business ourselves, we benefited a lot form the experience of the big dogs. We thought, that we could share that experience with the others and this is how, one day we decided to start a site about the success stories of the most famous businesses and entrepreneurs. This and many other cool business stuff can be found on this site – from resources about start ups to advices from the most successful billionaires in the world.

Since we began our work on this project (around the beginning of 2013), the site has started expanding rapidly and our readers hasn’t stopped growing. Recently, we started writing the stories of some of the richest people in the world, after we created articles about the start and growth of more than 50 world companies like Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Amazon and many more.

Now we plan to write more about starting businesses and business ideas for start ups, as we’ve noticed that this is a hot and demanded topic.

Write to us and tell us you opinion about this project by contacting us here. We would be also happy to know if you had some ideas or suggestions about the site.