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InvestBin.Com – Investing For Dummies

Investing is a passion of ours, this is how we decided to start a new site on the matter. InvestBin.Com has just been launched online. This will be a dummy type of a site on which everybody can learn the basics of investing… Believe it or not, you are already an investor, even though you don’t even suspect anything like that. All of us invest withouth even knowing it. We can invest onotonlymoney, but alsotim, efforts and all things like these. Don’t miss cheking the site out andlearning the basics of investing. It would be great if we had some feedback regarding the site, too. This will inevitably help us make it a better and more interesting web place.

The first articles for the site are on the go and will be published very soon.

You could share your thought about the site also here: – All About ERP Software is a site entirely about ERP software and related issues. Any business needs an erp solution at some point of time and if you are new in that field, this site is exactly for you. You can read about the most important things accompanying an ERP Project:
– How to choose the best ERP solution for your business –
– What are the most important things for a successful implementation of such a software – – the basics of the implementation process.
– What to know about the hardware for your ERP solution
– Support and maintenance
– Much more

Although ERP software is the main topic on the site, you can read some articles about some other types of business software as CRM, BI and so on. – The Basics Of Nuclear Energy is an educational site about the basics of nuclear energy. This is not very well known topic and that’s why we decided to throw some light on it. Also we love nuclear physics and writing about this topic. On the site you can learn many interesting facts about nuclear power, its advantages and disadvantages, nuclear fusion and fission, nuclear bombs and many more.

The site has been popular on and some other social networking sites. However, there could be much more information about the topic on it, we will do our best to expand the site and make it really useful place.

Here are some posts from the site:
* – the advantages of nuclear energy.
* – the pros and the cons of nuclear power.
* – here you can see the top 10 most powerful nuclear bomb explosions (video).

Waiting for your feedback about it!