WhatIsNuclearEnergy.net – The Basics Of Nuclear Energy

http://whatisnuclearenergy.net is an educational site about the basics of nuclear energy. This is not very well known topic and that’s why we decided to throw some light on it. Also we love nuclear physics and writing about this topic. On the site you can learn many interesting facts about nuclear power, its advantages and disadvantages, nuclear fusion and fission, nuclear bombs and many more.

The site has been popular on stumblr.com and some other social networking sites. However, there could be much more information about the topic on it, we will do our best to expand the site and make it really useful place.

Here are some posts from the site:
* http://whatisnuclearenergy.net/advantages-of-nuclear-energy/ – the advantages of nuclear energy.
* http://whatisnuclearenergy.net/nuclear-energy-pros-and-cons/ – the pros and the cons of nuclear power.
* http://whatisnuclearenergy.net/the-10-most-powerful-atomic-explosions/ – here you can see the top 10 most powerful nuclear bomb explosions (video).

Waiting for your feedback about it!

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